Hazaar CMS is a new kind of content management system designed for rapid deployment of today's modern websites.
Rapid Deployment
Quickly and easily build stunningly beautiful websites using a large collection of simple components designed to snap together to create incredibly functional websites.
The administration interface of Hazaar CMS is designed to be familiar to those coming from other content management systems and has all the bits you need in the places you would expect.
Latest Technology
Hazaar CMS uses the latest web technologies and is based on the Hazaar MVC framework and MongoDB database server which together allow Hazaar CMS websites to be the fastest websites on the planet.
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Drag & Drop Design
The Page Designer is a user friendly way of creating stunningly beautiful web pages. Pages are made up of sections, rows, columns and modules.
The page designer allows a dragging and dropping of individual components to re-organise your page making it a snap to design even the most complex pages. Images and other style information can be applied to sections allowing stunningly beautiful media rich pages to be created.
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Multi-site Technology
One of the biggest benefits of running Hazaar CMS is its multi-site technology.  
This works by looking at the URL being requested and selecting the page to return with the required theme and page layout.  The benefits of doing this are many, least of which is that you will no longer have to manage multiple copies of CMS software as well as all media files are available to all sites.
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Media Management
Included as standard is an enhance media management system.  Not only does this include a file browser for viewing, uploading and managing your media, but it also includes an advanced media backend subsystem that handles serving media to your client connections.  
This subsystem handles caching, image resizing and compression to provide the most efficient access to media possible, reducing data transmission and in turn making your website blazingly fast!
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Themes and Plug-ins
Although the default theme is one of the most flexible themes ever designed, you can still add some personal style your website with custom themes.
Alternatively, add plugins from our public plugin repository to add extra features to your sites.  Plugins are installed globally but can be enabled and disable per configured site.